The seminar Traditional and contemporary values in Alpine agriculture with Annibale Salsa, anthropologist and member of the Scientific Committee of tsmstep, was held on Wednesday, July 12, in Trento, at the headquarters of the School for Spatial Planning and Landscape.

“Good to think of, good to eat, good to look at”: this is the trinity around which to guarantee the preservation and transmission of Alpine food heritage. There is actually a close relationship between agriculture, food and landscape. The food of the Alps is a landscape component expressed by mountain agriculture; thus the quality of the food is linked to the productive techniques and the peculiarity of the landscapes in a continuous dialogue between traditional and contemporary values of alpine culture. The AlpFoodway project contributes to the return of values in extinct food practices by giving local communities an active role in safeguarding Alpine food heritage.

The seminar aimed at deepening and studying the themes of the project by the Italian partners (Lombardy Region, Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley and Mountain Community of Camonica Valley). Trentino observers already participating in the project got highly engaged (Trentino Marketing, Autonomous Province of Trento - Landscape Observatory and OECD) together with some local actors involved in the AlpFoodway project (Alpi Bio-Baldensis Association, Order of Agronomists and Forestry, Order of Architects and Order of Engineers of the Province of Trento).