The researchers of ZRC SAZU team started to work on inventory and safeguarding of ICH in Slovenian Alps. With participation of various communities as well as local stakeholders (schools, associations, tourism sector and catering industry, decision-makers) they are documenting four practices connected with Alpine food: Cheese Mohant, fried grated cheese – Frika, a stew or a roast of old mutton - Tržič braciola and fishing.

Some of them were already presented to general public. Jasna Fakin Bajec introduced the fishing in Soča river and characteristic of autochthon wild fish – the Marble trout – to members of Housewife association from Vipava valley, who visited the cheese museum of Dairy Planika, where they tasted an innovative product: cheese with smoked trout, bred in the local fish farm Faronika d.o.o. Saša Poljak Istenič worked with a local community Tržič on documenting preparation of local dishes, which included gathering traditional recipes and adapting the dishes to contemporary taste. The community is currently preparing a book on local foodways, with recipes of traditional dishes from this particular Alpine region, and regularly prepare the dishes for local festivities, e.g. Tržič braciola festival, Gregorjevo festival, and Christmas fair. The recipes are also periodically published in local media.

The project Alpfoodway was presented in public on several occasions: three times with the participation of the project leader Cassiano Luminati in May (Ljubljana, Nova Gorica and Jesenice), at the conference on Intangible Cultural Heritage (Ptuj), and on more informal occasions in selected local communities (Kobarid, Tržič).