So far many initial plans were realised within the CoNSENSo project, even though there remains room for changes and improvements, which have been proved at the technical meeting at Social Protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (IRSSV) that took place on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th November 2017. The meeting brought together representatives of all the pilot regions (except partners from France). The two-day discussion focused on the important processes that are taking place in the second half of the project and called for inevitable common collaboration between partners. Researchers from IRSSV, who have led the meeting, presented relevant conclusions and constraints coming out of the project data for the further development of the project. The conclusions and subsequent discussion(s) could be summarised in the following topics:

  • CoNSENSo model evaluation – general overview of the work so far (Urban Boljka)
  • CoNSENSo model preliminary results: analysis of the CoNSENSo APP (Lea Lebar, Urban Boljka, Sanel Ramović)
  • Qualitative analysis of the APP (Urban Boljka, Oliver Ilievski, Lea Lebar)
  • Detailed CoNSENSo model evaluation; results, solutions and constraints of model evaluation, case studies and interviews proposals (Urban Boljka, Lea Lebar, Giuseppe Salamina)
  • Preliminary results – Budget Impact Analysis (Roberto Ippoliti)
  • Multi-stakeholder Satisfaction Survey Protocol (Oliver Ilievski)