Three meetings of the CESBA Local Committee have already been organized in Veneto, one in December 22nd, 2016, a second one in October 10th, 2017, and the last one in November 7th, 2017. Another meeting is planned for December 14th, 2017.

Important synergies between the CESBA ALPS initiative and existing monitoring needs and processes at regional level were highlighted during the meetings. In Veneto Region, the planning system is indeed characterized by a periodically updated knowledge framework, but the monitoring obligation currently only derives from the application of the Strategic Environmental Assessment procedure and interests only the environmental component of the plans. There is no coordinated monitoring system of territorial plans at all levels (regional, provincial, municipal), thus positive improvements can be achieved through the introduction of the CESBA interdisciplinary approach.

Delegates from Veneto Provinces, from different Regional Directorates, BIM Piave and AVEPA where invited and actively participated in the meetings, together with representatives from the ALPHOUSE center, the local pilot area and project experts, in order to ensure a really integrated, interdisciplinary and multi-levels approach.