The objective of the workshop held in Saint-Etienne on November 28th of 2017 and animated by ViaMeca and Grenoble INP was to disseminate the results of work package 2 among all target groups. With more than 50 participants from business, academic and public sector, the workshop stimulated a cross fertilization of competences and experiences about Factory of the Future (FoF) paradigm.

The first session (16h-18h30) was devoted to the presentation of the BIFOCAlps project, Factory of the Future (FoF) stakes and main deliverables of work package 2 (e.g. Critical Success Factors and guidelines). Two round tables were organized afterwards in order to discuss and validate these deliverables. The first one was composed of companies, laboratories and policy makers which reacted and enriched each Critical Success Factor, while the second one reunited « techno-providers » and innovative SMEs which presented their offer in connection with industry 4.0. The second session (18h30-21h) was devoted to the launch of a club which aims to perpetuate the cross fertizilation of experiences between providers and end-users of technologies of ViaMeca beyond the workshop.