"Industry of the future: the issues and challenges for my industrial company”

“Industry of the future”, “Industry 4.0”, “Digitisation”, there are so many terms related to digital transformation that currently appear everywhere. What does this wording mean? What are the issues and the challenges for a company to address digitization? And how to transform them into concrete actions and projects?

To try to provide pragmatic answers to these questions, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Entreprises organized a workshop, in Lyon, the 7th of November in the frame of the Smart Space project. More than 60 participants from industrial companies, technical and research centers, innovation intermediaries and policy makers have answered to the invitation.

The workshop provided explanations and decode the” Industry of the future” concept and its linkages to the European, national and regional contexts and policies. Several testimonies of SMEs explained how a project in the scope of the “industry of the future” can be conducted. They underlined also the benefits to integrate some technologies such as augmented reality (testimony of the SME Savoie Transmission), robotic (testimony of the SME, La Fonderie du MontBlanc) or process monitoring (testimony of the SME Pernoud, a Smart Space SME success story).

A demonstration of the company Pernoud, in live from IPC (innovation plasturgy and composites technical centers) facilities, allowed to discover the functioning of a smart and connected mold of plasturgy and to understand the expected impacts of this innovation for the company.

The presentation of the white book of the industry 4.0 by the French Plasturgy Federation, was an opportunity to described levers, resources and evolutions needed to benefit from a dynamic digital transformation.

At the end, a round table has given on overview of existing tools, services and supports available to be accompanied in this way, including the forthcoming pilot actions for SME that will be proposed in the Smart Space project.

This Smart Space event was organized in collaboration with the regional intermediaries: 3 clusters representatives of traditional sectors (plastic, mechatronic and mechanical sector) and 3 technical centers (Innovation Plasturgie and Composites, Espace Numerique Entreprise and CEA in the frame of the European project BeinCPPS (I4MS project)).

Contact: Sara Maiez-Tribut- smaiez-tribut@auvergnerhonealpes-entreprises.fr