GaYA met with partners of the CaSYPoT project at a conference from 11 to 13 December 2017 in the City of SÅ‚upsk in Poland. The CaSYPoT project focuses on cooperation of different actors: local and regional authorities, universities, NGOs, etc. in the field of youth questions of the Baltic-Sea. The main goal is to improve cross-border cooperation capacity of local ERB actors through creating joint knowledge-based strategic youth policy.

The conference saw the participation of delegates representing local and regional bodies, NGOs, universities, cultural associations from Poland, Sweden, Russia, Italy and Lithuania. Through cross-border cooperation the project partners will develop joint solutions for young people, to improve their lives in the local communities. The participants gathered for the presentation of cross-border comparative reports and analysed their results as well as evaluated further steps to take in order to address issues related to youth. In this regard, EU’s official documents such as the EU Youth Report 2015 and the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region have been investigated in order to provide inputs for the joint strategic youth policy that will represent the final outcome of the whole project. 

Furthermore, various panel discussions were held involving young people from Poland, Sweden, Russia and Lithuania and decision-makers, to provide further options regarding the analysed topics and regarding leisure time, politics and work of European youth.

The conference represented also an opportunity to have international comparisons of youth participation and to evaluate the possibility to set up a concrete collaboration between CaSYPoT and GaYA projects in 2018.