This regional thematic workshop focuses on VR/AR technology. In the first section we will have an introduction into BIFOCAlps project and the impact indicator system. To have an overview we will have a look at the current state of the art of this technology. Subsequently we will focus on about 3 case studies which show how VR/AR technology can be used in different aspects of the manufacturing value chain. Therefore we will use the world café method. Each table focuses on one of the topics. The guests have the possibility to discuss the concrete case considering the BIFOCAlps impact indicator system for FoF technology implementation and try out the different VR/AR systems. During the last part the guests provide feedback about the indicator system and have the possibility to discuss the topic.

The keynotes will be held in English. Due to the main focus on regional companies the discussion during the world café will be in German. Because of the interactive character of world café method it will be very complicated to provide translation. Therefore please let me know soon, if you want to participate the world café.


2 pm: Welcome – bwcon
2:05 pm: The BIFOCAlps Project (english) – Massimiliano Bertretti, Polo Technologico, Pordenone
2:15 pm: Introducing the impact indicator system (english)– Christoph Biegler, Fraunhofer Austria, Wien
2:30 pm: State of the Art VR/AR Technology in Manufacturing (english) – Marco Sacco, ITIA-CNR Mailand
2:50 pm: Study results: virtual technology (german) – Dr. Christoph Runde, VDC Fellbach
3:20 pm: Coffee break
3:30 pm – 5 pm: World Café (parallel sessions 30 minutes, language: german)
CMC engineers: virtual prototyping:
AMA Xpert Eye: Service and maintenance:
Meyle+Müller: VR/AR in marketing/communication:
5:00 pm: Conclusion, Feedback, Discussion (german)
5:15 pm: Networking

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