On 7th and 8th February 2018 project partners of AlpInnoCT met in Venice within 4th Project meeting. The meeting was hosted in the beautiful and ancient Cultural Center Don Orione Artigianelli and was attended by 32 participants, representing fifteen project partners coming from five countries (Slovenia, Italia, Austria, Germany and Switzerland).In the morning of 7th February the WP leader met within the first WPL meeting and defined the format of Toolbox of Action (WPT5), of ideal CT concept and of the wish list for future development of CT in the Alpine space (WPT3).

In the afternoon of 7th February started  the plenary session of Partner Meeting. AlpInnoCT partners discussed about general project status with a reporting about the conclusions of WPL meeting and current status of technical WPT. In particular Eberl Internationale Spedition GmbH & Co. KG presented the status of the analysis of the pilot corridors of the project. Then, under the coordination of Bayernhafen GmbH & Co. KG partners discussed about next steps to develop the wish-list and ideal CT concept. Finally TX Logistik AG guided the discussion about actions to implement AlpInnoCT project results into pilot routes.

On 8th February partners discussed about the agenda and organizational issues of the Mid-term conference and 3rd Dialogue event (Prien, 8-9 May 2018) and agreed to organize a really transnational event with the participation of stakeholder at European level, and to present the outputs and results produced within AlpInnoCT project to date. UCV then updated information concerning the state of the implementation of the communication activities and presented the storyboard of the first AlpInnoCT video that will be presented during the Mid-term conference. The video will be a teaser for the future dialogue events and, in general, for the involvement of project stakeholder and for the final AlpInnoCT video.

The partner meeting ended at 13.00 after the administrative and financial issues the final lunch and a short sightseeing of the venue of the meeting.

See the interview to Mr. Alberto Cozzi - Trieste Port Authority (Italian language)