Project partners gathered in Milan on the 11th & 12th of April.

Seeing that the project has already ran half of its course, the meeting was a pleasant reminder on how much has already been done and what challenges remain.

Apart from the Regional Updates on project’s activities from each partner and management & financial technicalities discussed (Steering Committee’s meeting), the main focus of the two-day meeting was a brainstorming workshop on setting up of national Living & Innovation Labs a.k.a LiLabs.

Partners formed national groups and discussed on how they wish to implement LiLabs in their countries focusing on their assigned Smart Technology area and later presented what challenges they expect and how to overcome them.

Although the ideas on how exactly to establish a LiLab differed among the partners, all committed to involving not only (already formed) national Alliances, but to try to also involve international Alliances. These international Alliances, some off which already formed, would contribute greatly to transporting the CARE4TECH project to another level.

The meeting concluded with partners sharing their opinions on how the project has been successful so far and what intentions they have moving forward.