Why did the Regione Piemonte decide to lead the CoNSENSo project?

Over the last decade, Piemonte has started an organisational change directed at enhancing primary care and implementing integrated care pathways as well as at preventing inappropriate care and excess hospitalisation. On the basis of a previous experience carried out by the Turin University with an innovative programme, called “Family and community nurses advanced learning programme”, the Reference Site Award was obtained.

Consequentely, the CoNSENSo project represented the opportunity to accept the challenge of improving active and healthy ageing within the population of the Alpine Space areas, building on the pivotal role of the Family and Community Nurse.


What impact can CoNSENSo have on territorial health and social policy?

Expected outcomes concern healthy and active ageing through reducing hospitalisations and increasing pro-active approaches. In this way, we aim at supporting citizens who are living in these difficult areas as long as possible to improve the whole community’s life. Indeed supporting communities with the intervention of FCNs could increase the social capital and, in so doing, the lives of all citizens.


What results to you expect from the project and are there any projects for the sustainability of the activities?

The project aims at fostering health promotion interventions and environments in order to prevent the onset of chronic diseases and falls that oblige older people to leave home.

The planned sustainability of this innovative approach in Piedmont relies on social entrepreneurship, and in the capacity of the public healthcare system to enhance this model all over the Piedmont territory beyond its conclusion.

Policy makers need clear information on the economic and social impact of extending this new intervention to the whole target population and on the required preconditions for its financial sustainability in terms of health outcomes. However, a participatory process involving all relevant local stakeholders and organisations is crucial to extend current achievements beyond project conclusion.