The EU manufacturing sector, apart from financial services, is the second largest sector in terms of employees & turnover and the first contributor to non-financial business economy. Exports consist mainly of manufactured products. This sector plays an essential role in the innovation chain because is RD&I-intensive activity. Nowadays, lack of automation, synergies and obsolete management systems cause loss of competitiveness with respect to emerging markets. In order to meet the challenge of producing future products, meeting emerging social needs and megatrends also in the alpine space (AS), the contribution of digital technologies is crucial.

SMART-SPACE intends to identify an Alpine Space Smart Manufacturing model, able to combine social, economic and environmental sustainability with competitiveness and digital innovation of technologies.
The following Questionnaire is aiming to identify needs and the maturity level of companies in the Alpine Space. The topics in question are the current approach towards Industry 4.0, employee management and education, technological implementations, current operations as well as new services offered by Digital Technologies.
You can participate in a survey (till 31.5. 2017)  at the following link:  Smart Space - Online Survey