The integration-and social work of the House of Solidarity in Brixen (Italy) offers a “bridge” for migrants/refugees and local people in difficult situations. They find a home, a family and a starting point to a more stable live.Three employees and 15 volunteers try to practice solidarity, to promote integration, to experiment with sustainability, to fight poverty, to strive a peaceful coexistence between different cultures, religions, generations, genders. They do that without public funds, bureaucracy, political, religious or other dependence.

In the last 10 years South Tyrol has turned from a province of emigrants into a destination for migrants. Many of the new citizens are job- and homeless. Many South Tyroleans are afraid of this development. The environment often is hostile. Politicians are relent to adopt measures, which facilitate a faster integration. The clash between wealthy and poor brings additional pressures. The issues around migrants and refugees dominate the public discussion. Media partially are supportive, partially lack of sensitivity. Almost everyone in South Tyrol lacks of experience and know how in dealing with this big changes.

Key Objectives of the project

  • We look out for small solutions to big challenges: migration, integration, diversity, poverty,
  • We „bridge“ people in difficult situations into a stable life. We satisfy their basic needs: living, work, health, school.
  • We offer a peaceful living-together among different cultures, religious, gender, ages.
  • We share our experiences and learnings - demonstrating models for big challenges of our time.
  • We do this independently and without direct public contributions.

When migrants come to their new home-country, they do not know many things: language, culture, religion, traditions, laws, rules. Research shows, the faster we are able to integrate them, to turn them into active members of the society, the better.

The project "The 6th continent" of the House of Solidarity won first prize at the Alpine Pluralism Award 2018 in the category "Social Integration".

«Pluralism is encounter»

Alexander Nitz, founding member of the House of Solidarity, explains what pluralism means to him and how the House of Solidarity supports people (Video in German):


Film trailer German «Der sechste Kontinent»

Der Regisseur Andreas Pichler (Das Venedig Prinzip, Das System Milch) ist über einen längeren Zeitraum mehreren Geschichten und Schicksalen im Haus der Solidarität nachgegangen. Er zeichnet ein subtiles Porträt des vielfältigen, aber auch schwierigen Zusammenlebens und Arbeitens in einem sozialen Projekt, das utopische Züge hat und über ein anonymes Koexistieren hinausgeht.


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