On Wednesday 11th July, the ZAI Consortium organized the round table with the AlpInnoCT project partners at the Interporto Quadrante Europa in Verona. The participants include the Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea of ​​Trieste and the German intermodal operator TX Logistik. Sharing, implementing and capitalizing on innovative solutions for the development of combined transport: these are the objectives of the AlpInnoCT project meetings, involving institutions and organizations from five countries in the Alpine arc (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland). AlpInnoCT, which stands for Alpine Innovation for Combined Transport, aims to improve the competitiveness of combined goods transport through integrated and transnational optimization of intermodal services.
During the meeting the issues related to the development of the Verona-Rostock and Trieste-Bettembourg rail services were discussed. The two pilot cases are being studied in AlpInnoCT as it aims to evaluate the application of innovative solutions and demonstrate at a practical level how to solve the problems and inefficiencies of combined transport along the Alpine passes, respectively the Brenner and Tarvisio. The railway vocation of the Verona and Trieste logistics hubs with direct connections on an international scale allows a technical-operational comparison between the partners for the implementation of avant-garde approaches able to overcome the bottlenecks existing along the intermodal chain.
The day opened with the visit of the intermodal terminals, managed by Terminali Italia, in which the management procedures and business models were examined. The meeting then continued with the afternoon discussion useful to analyze the progress of the research and study activities planned with a view to increasing the railway connections taken into consideration.