Germinale Cooperativa Agricola di Comunità is project that was born in October 2015 thanks to a first nucleus of 5 residents of Demonte (CN) / Italy, two farmers and four young asylum seekers from Central Africa.

It aims to create a community agriculture in Valle Stura and to implement a small-scale and locally integrated agriculture, based on the natural resources of the territory.

Germinale combines in a community path people interested in cultivating their own food for self-production, young people and adults interested in working in the agricultural sector, asylum seekers, and farmers who want to network to manage joint activities. Members of the local community that are interested in participating in a network of production / purchase,  that have unusable and arable land, or that are available for voluntary activities to support the project can also be involved.

What are the key objectives? Producing positive effects on health, economy, social life and the community identity. But also: the recovery of uncultivated or marginal agricultural land, the protection of the environmental balance, the healthiness of the food produced.

Through the use of organic or equivalent farming techniques Germinale wants to favor the integration of all those who live in a fragile situation.

Germinale won first prize of the Alpine Pluralism Award 2018 in the category " Land Use and Environment".


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