Transition into a Circular Economy – waste is a resource – measures to strengthen this awareness – a visit at a holiday workshop in Freiburg on 8.8.18

Waste is a treasure! Who knows that better than children?

Thrown away ironing boards turn into a car jump. Knitting needles make a frame for wings of a flying box.

“Kunschd und Krempel” in the dialect of Baden means “arts and stuff”. The Freiburg waste management company „Abfallwirtschaft und Stadtreinigung Freiburg GmbH“ offers this holiday workshop for 6-14 year olds at their recycling center. Both workshop days are fully booked. This popular service has been running for many years.

Do the children care if we tell them what they do today is called upcycling? They will once they are grown up and take this process of a circular economy where materials constantly circle from production to use to re-production for granted.

Children love the handcrafting and hammering at the recycling center. They are supervised by a team of teacher students under guidance of Mrs. Gill, a staff member at ASF. Her regular job brings her into schools and kindergardens all over Freiburg to teach about avoiding and correct sorting of waste. She also organizes a waste theater show for children and action days.

The variety of items at the commodity exchange of the recycling center offers an extensive stock for creative and curious children.

“How can I make a boat out of this swimming belt and the flat-iron? How can I separate these two pieces? How can I attach metal to wood to styrofoam?” These questions make future engineers and scientists. Experts we definitely need to make more out of our waste and to make a circular economy society. But until then the questions just result in holiday fun.