Pilot areas

Development Agency GAL Genovese has identified two pilot areas: the Polcevera Valley and the Stura Orba and Leira Valleys, both of which belonging to the Genoa Metropolitan City.

The event

The workshop, dedicated to young people and decision-makers, took place at the Municipality of Campomorone in Val Polcevera, at the "Cabannun", a facility for events, shows and conferences owned by the Municipality. The event was organized by the Development Agency GAL Genovese with the technical support of an expert in participatory processes. An observer (Liguria Region) and two project partners (Eurac Research and Municipality of Idrija) participated in the meeting too.

Goal of the workshop

The aim of the workshop is to understand and apply participatory methodology by young people and local administrators to identify new projects and shared initiatives dedicated to the pilot areas.

Working method

After a brief introduction and a sharing of the video produced under the GaYA project, Eurac Research has focused on the theme of the participatory democracy process, which followed a first interactive phase: participants, divided into groups, have been involved in an activity aimed at understanding the participatory methodology - roles and phases of the process - by compiling a form.

The second phase, was been dedicate to the methodology’s application through the World Café participatory approach. It saw the creation of groups of people aimed at identifying shared projects that could be realized in the pilot areas. On each table were placed posters with questions and space to pinpoint the main outcomes of each round of discussion on the various topics through post-it written by the participants. At this stage the dialogue has stimulated brainstorming, release of ideas, insights and identification of new project prospects.

Workshop Outcome

Both interest groups, decision-makers and young people, have expressed the strong need to improve communication, opening, reinforcing or improving dialogue between them.

They have the desire for forms of collaboration whether they are in the form of internships to better know the Municipal procedures, whether in the form of Institutional bodies such as Consulta or Board, with a role in decision-making processes.Young people perceive the need for aggregation spaces, whether they are outdoors or indoors. It is also clear that young people are willing to handle the space they are entrusted with, and thus assume responsibility and tasks.