The PEACE_Alps International Conference on 11 October 2018 in Castle Mareccio, Bolzano started with excellent presentations and fruitful discussions into the morning session. The focus was on policy recommendations which were elaborated within the project during the last three years. A video message by Ms Elena Visnar Malinovska of the Unit Adaptation to Climate Change at the European Commission in Brussels offered additional valuable input.

Three round-table discussions with representatives from regional to European level tackled the topics “financing of aggregated projects”; “capacity building/mutual learning/knowledge transfer” and “governance”. The afternoon session presented successfully implemented centralized solutions in participating regions of the Alpine Space.

The specific approach of the project is to bundle energy projects which can be implemented in several cities and municipalities at the same time. Examples are centralized solutions for the retrofit of public street lighting or the refurbishment of public buildings. For these activities the project recommends the involvement of regional coordinators who work in close cooperation with public authorities and regional stakeholders.

All project activities can be accessed through the project’s interactive online handbook “Pooling Energy Action Plans and Enhancing their Implementation in the Alps”.