On October 4th, at the mid-term conference of the Alpfoodway project, the process for inscribing Alpine food heritage on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List officially started. This inscription will be the end result of this transnational project, started in 2016 to safeguard local food traditions and bring out an identity element shared throughout the Alps.
In Innsbruck, the 14 project partners coming from 6 alpine countries presented the intermediate results of their work toward this goal, inviting all stakeholders, institutions, businesses, citizens who care about the future of the Alps to sign the petition on www.alpfoodway.eu.
The Alpfoodway partners also presented the "Charter of Alpine Food Heritage", a document highlighting the importance of Alpine food culture, in order to gather the widest possible support for the UNESCO nomination among institutions, businesses and individual citizens. The goal is to put together a complete file by October 2019, when the AlpFoodway final conference takes place. This file will then serve as basis for the UNESCO nomination, an important way for communities to safeguard and responsibly valorize traditional knowledge, productive landscapes, sustainable supply chains, unique cultures for the benefit of all.
Through www.alpfoodway.eu it is also possible to access an online inventory that, by the end of the project, will include more than 150 entries about Alpine food knowledge, rituals, customs, traditions, resulting from anthropological, geographical, sociological and historical research. The inventory is being built according to the principles of the UNESCO Convention for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage (2003). In this phase communities have been actively involved in the identification and description of the food heritage that is most relevant to them and of the most relevant safeguarding and valorization practices.