Between September 27th and 29th, Sarajevo became the center of European river conservationists and dam opponents.  HyMoCARES approach has been presented at the first European Rivers Summit, where about 250 people from over 30 countries discussed how to stop the destruction of Europe’s rivers from hydropower, how to protect the last free-flowing river jewels in the long run and how to restore those already destroyed. 

Participants formulated a list of demands addressed to relevant decision makers in politics and industry. In this declaration, Europe’s river conservationists call upon the European Commission, the Energy Community, international banks and national governments to stop promoting and funding hydropower projects as green and renewable energy source and tighten environmental criteria. These demands aim to help the successful implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive in order to bring rivers back to a good ecological state by 2027.


More information about the event (Official press release)

Declaration of the partecipants to the European Rivers Summit


Photo 1: 250 people from over 30 countries attended the first European Rivers Summit in Sarajevo. © Luka Tomac (Art) and Flying Pangolin Film (Photo)

Photo 2:  The Neretva in Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the last freshwater biodiversity hotspots, hosting 14 endangered fish species. It is threatened by dams. © A. Vorauer

Photo 3:  Stop the Dams! Participants of the Summit call upon EU and Heads of State to stop funding hydropower. (Photo: Mural on Idbar Dam, close to Konjic) © Dinno Kasalo