The final technical meeting was held inTorriglia in Liguria on 15th November and partners had the possibility to discuss the results and final project outputs with ther Interreg Alpine Space project officer. Torriglia is one of the pilot zones in the Val di Trebbia where the social innovation model was tested.
Then on 16th November, CoNSENSo held it's final project conference in Genoa, at the Ligurian Region.
Many of the project outcomes and results were presented and there was much discussion on the benefits of the CoNSENSo model including:
  • the fact that the experimentation had saved the Carinthian government the equivalent of 600 000 € in nursing home fees for elders that could normally not remain at home
  • it is important to leave experimentation and go forward to a general roll out of the CoNSENSo model. This is starting in Italy where CoNSENSo will become a national standard for "inner areas"
  • not one, but 4 CoNSENSo models have been developed in relation to the specificities of each country
For more information about the CoNSENSo results, see the results page of the website