Between tradition and innovation

Short Description
The project is a research-action aimed at the designing and implementation of activities to promote a culture of hospitality in two valley’s communities in Trentino (Val di Non and Val di Sole) in which the awareness of the residents on the importance of the integration of migrants is considered lower than the large urban areas, and where there is a attraction potential of the territory not always enhanced. All the initiatives are addressed both to local population and foreign origin population in the territory, in an attempt to create an intercultural bridge between old and new citizens. The actions foresee a broad involvement of the youth component, considered a fundamental resource for the development of a welcoming and inclusive culture.

• Production and dissemination of video interviews on migration and integration stories.
• A video contest for the collection and dissemination of amateur videos on integration made by young people.
• A video-making training course for young people, aimed at the production and dissemination of videos on integration.
• A training course for young people aimed at learning the rudiments of traditional work activities and/or characterizing the territory, through laboratory visits in local companies.
• A series of educational, cultural and informative events addressed to all citizens, aimed at social cohesion and deconstruction of prejudices. 

Goals of the project
Improve social cohesion and promote peaceful coexistence between old and new citizens. Promote the resources of the territory and the recovery of mountain traditions.

Photo: Laboratory training visits to local companies © APPM