Increasing territorial attractiveness for health professionals 

Short Description
Many Auvergne Rhône-Alpes territories in the Alps are facing a double challenge : the aging of the population and the phenomena of medical desertification. The supply of health services is a prerequisite for the attractiveness of rural areas. For this reason, the region aims both to encourage the installation of doctors and to bring back new populations in those territories. Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region's approach focuses on the fight against medical deserts and the possibility of finding health services in rural areas. In order to cope with this, it is necessary to organize a global coordinated local health offer taking into account the constraints related to the practice of medicine in these sectors and the attractiveness of these territories for the installation of doctors. This is partly through the structuring of a supply of primary care, that is to say, an easily accessible local offer in terms of distance, travel time, and whose web must be tightened in the territory to help reconcile quality of care and quality of life of doctors.
Two territories have been chosen as pilot areas:
- The community of communes of Trièves
- The community of communes of the Massif du Vercors

Goals of the project
The Region wishes to pursue two objectives: - To facilitate the development of innovative approaches to medical service delivery in rural areas affected by demographic change - To encourage health professionals from urban centers of France to practice in rural Alpine areas