Employees supporting employees

Together with the Integration Office and local SMEs in the region of Zermatt we focus on new migrant employees’ integration in companies and daily life in the region. A special focus is set on Portuguese migrants since they are the biggest group of migrant employees in the region. In the pilot service long-time employees with a migration background work as coaches for new arrived employees within a company. In personal and informal meetings they provide information about working and living in Zermatt.
The coaches serve as a low-threshold source of information within the company and their own background and experiences foster a common understanding of challenges and opportunities for new arrivals in Zermatt.
The coaches are in continuous contact with the regional integration Office to provide up-to-date information and to establish contact to the Integration Office or other organizations if needed. In exchange meetings employers and coaches discuss challenges and opportunities for new employees in the company in order to identify solutions. 

Goals of the project
- Establish low-threshold information for new employees
- Improve the collaboration between SMEs and the local integration office
- Improve the awareness of employers for challenges of migration and integration within their own company and the municipality


Photo:  Informal meetings serve as a low-threshold source for information and sharing experiences © istockphoto, zVg