BUND presented AlpBioEco in their nature conservation centre in Ravensburg, Germany. The focus of the presentation was on the walnut trees and the BUND-project for the marketing of regionally produced walnuts. Speakers were Ulfried Miller and Brigitte Schaudt.

Ulfried Miller explained in detail why walnut trees are worth preserving. An economic incentive for the care and replanting of walnut trees is the marketing of the nuts. For this, it is necessary to network the producers in order to obtain a larger amount of nuts, to process them economically and to develop new business concepts.

You also can download the presentation of this lecture about walnuts at the end of this news text.

Some impressions of BUNDs Walnut engagement.
Photos © AlpBioEco, taken by Ulfried Miller

Walnuts with green peel at the walnut tree in September.

"Rollblitz"  helps to pick up the walnuts from the ground. This method is time-efficient and back-friendly.

The walnut varieties must be determined to develop new processing and utilization of the walnut kernels or nutshells.

Cracking the walnuts for the project is fun and a social event :-)