Trainings for Intermediaries in Vienna 
A very important part of the SMART SPACE project are the training activities for intermediary organizations organized by the consortium. The main goal is to enable intermediaries to assist SMEs with their digitalisation processes as efficiently as possible. Therefore, employees of intermediary organizations were invited to join workshops at aws in Vienna, that focused on specific topics linked to digitalisation such as new business models in industry 4.0, digital transformation, and agile project management methods. Moreover, the participants had the opportunity to visit an exhibition at the Vienna Technical Museum, that focused on new methods of production and work. 


Operator Training in Salzburg

Strengthening the competencies and promoting cross-fertilization actions to intermediary organizations is one of the key goals within in the Smart Space project. Providing knowledge and skills to support traditional and digital clusters as well as promoting better cooperation and knowledge exchange among them is paramount.
The workshop organized by ITG Salzburg, which involved representatives from 6 Austrian and Bavarian intermediary organizations, focused on the possibilities to improve efficiency, problem solving and the achievement of specific goals through dedicated change processes within a company.
The workshop started with a general overview of change and process management. In a later step, by actively participating in various exercises during the workshops, the intermediaries were made aware of the effects that change- and process management can exert on SMEs and their performance. An understanding of how important it is to facilitate, direct, and shape change processes within a company as well as their implications could be developed and reinforced.