On 7th March 2019 the final AlpSib press conference took place at the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region's office in Brussels. The aim of the press conference was to present the European initiatives on social impact investments and goals of the AlpSib project to the media of the project partners' countries as well as to the media working on the European level.

Press conference started with an opening address by Ms Alessia Rosolen, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region’s Labour, followed by a welcome speech by Ms Guglielmina Cucci, European Affairs Councillor of the Municipality of Pordenone. Mr Jan Mikołaj Dzięciołowski, member of Cabinet of Commissioner Corina Cretų, explained how Cohesion policy helps fostering interregional innovation. Ms Georgia Efremova, Policy Officer on Financial Instruments & Social Impact Investment of the DG for Economic and Financial Affairs introduced the current state of European policy on social impact investments.

In the second part of the press conference AlpSib project work package leaders presented work within their work packages. Anna Ulian presented AlpSib general activities, Alice Jude co-creative labs and AlpSib Forums, Knut Wuhler the transnational methodology on social impact investments and Massimiliano Bertetti the AlpSib web portal. Moreover, Pierrette Cazalere – Jouan from Fondation de Nice illustrated the concrete AlpSib effect in Nice seen in projects.

The event was moderated by Dr David Rinaldi, associate professor at ULB.