AlpBioEco WP n°1 - Results and Replicable Roadmap
Analysis of the bio-based value-chains apples, walnuts and herbs

Work package 1, for which KErn was responsible to coordinate, came just to an end by publishing the summarized results in an output report including a roadmap. Shortly before, at the fruitful meeting in beautiful Ljubljana, final feedback was gathered, workshops (for finalizing WP1 and introducing WP2) were held and the transition to the next work package discussed.

During the first two periods of AlpBioEco-Interreg-project a lot of inputs were collected from market side and from laboratory side concerning apples, walnuts and herbs in the Alpine Space. The work package was characterised by communicating, scheduling, structuring, setting criteria, comprehensive research towards the market and laboratory and weighting relevant results.

  • 3 core group meetings: Sigmaringen, Munich and Ljubljana
  • more than 10 external project relevant meetings
  • about 10 workshops and field trips
  • about 10 steering and core group calls
  • 170 collected pdfs
  • 100 created word-docs
  • 45 created excels
  • a lot of web-links and pictures

Thanks to the valuable work of the project partners, comprehensive information and new insights were gathered. Most of the relevant results lead into the report. Additional and in-depth-informations can be viewed at the project homepage.

The research took place over a period of nearly one year and yet, the scope is limited due to time, resources and data constraints. Nevertheless, the report points out great bioeconomic potentials of the focused value chains in various food and non-food sectors. Especially apple pomace, walnut press cakes and herbal extract by-products are valuable leftovers for new bioeconomic applications. Some fields could not be focused because of its wide range (e.g. pharmaceutics herbs), seasonal reasons or the limited investigation time – some will be investigated in the ongoing project.

Although the investigated value chains have its specific peculiarities, a replicable roadmap for the analysis of bio-based value chains could be developed based on the learnings in the project.

This compact report gives an initial overview over the examined three value chains of apples, walnuts and herbs/hay and builds up the base for further work packages. This report represents the deliverable D.T1.2.3 and the Activity A.T1.4.

Comments and knowledge exchange with the project partners are always welcomed.

On the picture, from left to right, Martina Tröger (KErn), Tobias Chilla (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg), Gloria Kraus (coordinator of the European Interreg project "AlpBioEco"), Manuela Burkert (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) and Robin Ehrhardt (KErn) at the presentation of the results of the market potential analysis of herbal and walnut value chains by KErn's external partner, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg in February 2019.