The Chamber of Commerce of Venice Rovigo within the Alpine Space Interreg Project - Smart Space, identified and is now developing a path consisting of 3 phases to facilitate the digitalisation of business processes in SMEs, through the introduction of one or more technologies enabling 4.0 revolution, able to enhance the competitiveness of the business.

Workshop Smart Digital Camp (20th March 2019) - 15 companies from Veneto region participated in individual and group guided activities, making it possible to clearly define and identify needs and new business ideas of individual companies.  
(PHASE 2 – May 2019)
Call for selection of Innovative and Creative Digital Providers
In response to the needs identified during the workshop (PHASE 1), the Chamber of Commerce of Venezia Rovigo  launched a Call for selection the experts in digital and creative technology to support Veneto companies in the development of their projects. 9 Innovative and Creative Digital Provider responded to the call by presenting some proposals.


Smart Digital Camp Final Workshop

On 26th June the Chamber of Commerce of Venezia Rovigo organized  the Smart Digital Camp Final Workshop28 B2B between 12 SMEs  identified in PHASE 1 and 9  Innovative Creative Digital Provider selected in PHASE 2. The aim was to create the best conditions to start successful collaborations to help and support veneto SMEs in their digitalization path.