Within the project SaMBA, the Park of Vercors has tested first incentive measures in collaboration with a music festival: www.vercorsmusicfestival.com . The objective was to incentivize people to come to the festival by carpooling in order to reduce anarchic parkings in a small village of Vercors.

After meetings with the Park, organizers of the Vercors Music Festival accepted to implement and test different incentives: carpooler have access to a reserved parking very closed to the entrance (common with the disabled persons parking), a free cup with the festival coulours and a free drink were offered. The Park of Vercors conceived and installed road signs making the parking easier to reach and more visible (direction pannels and banners). The Park and the festival also jointly organised the briefing of the volunteers in charge of the parking telling them how to proceed and messages to deliver to carpoolers.

During the 4 days of festival every evening, 30 to 50 cars came in carpooling with 4 to 5 passengers. It represents between 5% to 8% of the cars coming for the festival. It is a start... we are ready to do better next year!