Participating in the 10th craftsmen exhibition of the Bregenzerwald in August 2019, the Energy Institute Vorarlberg held its presentation in the library, together with the Heimatverein Bregenzerwald. To sensitise the visitors, a picture presentation showed a beautiful ensemble of old houses, some of which disappeared and were then replaced by meaningless new buildings. The visitors were astonished and often jumped directly into a discussion about the value of old buildings.
Moreover an exhibition showed photos and information on 12 renovated buildings with high quality of living. On each panel, interior pictures, stock images and details were shown. On the accompanying text page the buildings and their history or their renovation were described by the builders in a short story.
The focus of the renovations was on the creation of new living spaces in previous ancillary rooms and the common use of very large buildings.

In a second presentation, quotes from residents of old buildings were shown together with detailed photos. The quotes were provided by Markus Berchtold, heimaten®, from interviews from the leader project "Alte Bausubstanz" and created an emotional approach to the subject.
Also on this occasion, the Interreg Alpine Space ATLAS project was presented with content overview and all logos.

The exhibition was supervised by two employees on all five days, who answered questions about the buildings or renovations. Thursday, as a holiday, was the busiest day with over 500 visitors to the exhibition. A total of approximately 1,100 visitors visited the exhibition, most of them carefully examining and discussing all the buildings and texts.