A lot has been done in this pilot site in the last months! Most importantly, the City of Salzburg commissioned a contractor for the implementation of our pilot actions: The Austrian Institute for Regional Studies (OIR) in cooperation with the Private University Seeburg, Seekirchen am Wallersee were contracted in May for the implementation of our pilots. Our pilot activities intend to enhance the use of alternative mobility offers like walking, cycling, car sharing etc. and to reduce the use of cars in two building projects – Kendlerpark, a new building project and Friedrich-Inhauser-Straße, a refurbishment project.

The current focus lies on the Kendlerpark project. A mobility brochure with available mobility offers and surrounding infrastructure and so-called Story maps, an interactive tool to get in contact in a new interesting way with the surrounding area have been developed and are ready to use until end of the year. On the basis of these locations, specific and more generally available information materials on individual mobility advice for the new Kendlerpark residents are planned for next year. Incentives like a monthly ticket for the local public transport should support mobility behaviour change towards the use of more sustainable modes of transport.

At several meetings the SaMBA project and the planned pilots were presented and discussed – so at the second National Meeting in Salzburg on 5th July, the Transnational Workshop on the 2nd October in Graz and a Kickoff meeting with our contractors on 9th of October in Salzburg. To the last event we invited also together with RSA iSPACE two politicians responsible for Building issues and Mobility and Town planning to intensify their contact to SaMBA project and to enhance political support for the project. Last one is essential for the sustainability of the project!

On 16th of October the contractors had a meeting with the Kendlerpark project responsibles and future inhabitants. Our mobility concept was presented to the future residents of the housing project. On December 10th a meeting with a focus on mobility issues for the Friedrich-Inhauser-Straße took place where also our planned pilot activities for the renovated settlement were presented.

Summing up the project is on a good way, if you have questions or interested on more information please get in contact!
Gerhard Ainz, SaMBA project management