EUSALPS2 is an Interreg Alpine Space project that is in line with the priorities of the EUSALP action group 2.

The Region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes chairs this action group whose objective is "To increase the economic potential of strategic sectors". It aims at identifying key Alpine economic sectors which would benefit from action at the macro-regional level and to implement concrete measures to improve their economic and social environment. The added value comprises a better use of Alpine specific resources and potentials in the identified strategic sectors with focus on the improvement of framework conditions and opportunities for SMEs.

More precisely, HEALPS2 addresses a specific thematic priority of the action group: Health Tourism, which is coordinated by the Region of Salzburg, AT. Salzburg region is a forerunner for health-related touristic offers and has developed relevant strategic expertise that is worth spreading over other Alpine regions to exploit their health tourism potential. In this perspective the 11 partners of HEALPS2 will cooperate to develop a touristic model, focusing on nature-based health resources and their role for peoples’ wellbeing. The objective is to develop a sustainable model of natural resource use that empowers rural regions by increasing their innovation capacity while at the same time preserving the Alpine environment.