The 15th October 2019, the National Insitut of Public Health in Slovenia (NIJZ) organized a conference with international participation for the ASTAHG project. 
At the conference, local and foreign experts presented various good practices from seven ASTAHG project areas/domains (social, health, independent living, long-term care, culture and tourism, wellbeing and mobility and transport). NIJZ had also invited participants from all 4 areas of 4 Helix scheme (Governance, Academia, Industry and Civil society). At the conference the first results of an overview of the state of active and healthy aging in the Alpine space of the Gorica and Gorenjska regions were also presented.
The conference was very well attended, with 112 participants registrated and 85 participants attending. Main participants were from health sector. As a organizer, NIJZ applied for licence points at Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia, Medical Chamber of Slovenia and Social Chamber.
There were 4 workshops in the afternoon part of the conference and all were well attended but the most visited was the workshop with title ʺIndependent living and Long-term careʺ - entitled: Household community - a form of coexistence.
During the break, participants were able to view the exhibitors' stands: University of Jesenice, project STAR VITAL, Soča Valley Development Centre and ZDUS – the Slovene Federation of Pensioners’ Associations.
Information on the ASTAHG Project (poster) and invitations (flayer) to Transnational Governance Board (TGB) were available throughout the entire event. The TGB is focused on the AHA challenge in the Alpine Space and is composed by public and private actors, pertaining to different levels (regional/local) and sectors as well as representing the AS territorial specificities (rural, mountain and urban areas).
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