This time only remotely, but we made it! The AlpLinkBioEco Steering Group Meeting no.5 was successfully held this month; all 14 Partners were present, together with the Observers and the Advisory Board members.

Check our Youtube Channel to find out the latest project developments and ongoing results that were presented and discussed:

A brief preview and a description of each video are available below.

The Cluster Mapping Report in a Nutshell Presenting the results of the Cluster Mapping Report, a synthesis of 8 regional reports prepared by 14 Partners with emphasis on six pre-defined bio-based Value Chains:

An algorythm to manage the project Knowledge Base Presenting the features of the devised, customised Value Chain Generator tool, a web application to explore new biolinks, find alternative actors and follow up on leads for creating innovative biobased business opportunities at the regional and interregional levels:

Implementing Value Chains as Demonstrators Presenting the features of the project activity (WP3) devoted to Implementing Demonstrators: the economic and sustainable feasibility of products and applications in 4 specific bio-based Value Chains: Wood, Agro, Packaging and Chemistry

Policy Development ExplainedPresenting the features and state of implementation of the Policy Development work package. Three main activities will be be carried out: Analysis of regional policies; Common policy dialogue; Development of a Joint Masterplan:

A Roadmap for a Circular Bio-based Economy Presenting the mechanics and actions to be carried out for developing a Roadmap for an Alpine Space circular bio-based economy: