BE-READI ALPS was designed with the goal to give business support organisations the instruments to efficiently support mature companies to stay competitive in changing markets and learn how to be resilient in spite of a sudden crisis

Actually, reality overcomes expectation.

The COVID-19 crisis wipes out not only the previous way to do business but also our behaviors, habits and personal vision of the future. 
And the same BE-READI ALPS partnership had to learn how to be resilient.

After a sparkling kick off meeting in October, we were forced in March to decide how to re-organise our activities; at the beginning of the pandemic in Italy, we decided to shift the already organised PSG2 in Bolzano (March 4-6) into a virtual one and to organise even the following meeting in remote.

We agreed to focus our efforts to deliver our BE-READI starter kit, a set of methodologies easy to be used by the BE-READi Points and effective to understand our companies’ needs in terms of financial, innovation and internationalisation readiness.

Together we set up the pilot process steps, starting from the release of the Expression of Interest, a digital form through which companies declare their commitment to join our community and the Digital Assessment Grid, through which we elaborate the collected information. We spent some time to check how to share and treat properly the companies’ data and finally we all signed a Joint Agreement compliant with GDPR; agreement, digital forms, tools and standard procedures will be also part of our BE-READI toolkit and working mode. 

We learned how to create digital contents (Train the Trainer 1) and how alternative finance could help companies project to be funded (Train the Trainer 2); we delivered ourselves 15 webinars on different topics of interest for companies.

We visualised through infographics our process and created our community through the project website and Linkedin reaching nearly 700 followers."

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