Would a herbal pacifier made of organic rubber be bought by parents? The results of a survey conducted by our AlpBioEco project partner, the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany (ITKAM) in cooperation with the marketing agency RCM solutions, answer this question. ITKAM developed the concept of a herbal pacifier within the EU project AlpBioEco, which aims at a more efficient and sustainable economy in the Alpine space by including ideas of bioeconomy. The goal of bioeconomy is to use bio-based products in a sustainable and innovative way, also by combining new knowledge of areas like science and biotechnology. The herbal pacifier developed by ITKAM fits perfectly into this concept. It can be divided into two different products, which can be purchased together or separately: a dummy made of organic and eco-sustainable materials, and vessels containing Alpine herbal fluids. In the end, parents can return the vessels at the point of sale, and thus not waste any resources. Also, the herbal pacifier is innovative as it is something completely new and solves an existing problem – in interviews and surveys on the potential of a herbal pacifier most interviewees thought that for common problems like toothache or abdominal pain in early childhood currently no satisfactory products are available.

All in all, the results of the survey lead to a very positive conclusion: three out of four parents surveyed stated that they could imagine buying a herbal pacifier, and three out of four pharmacists interviewed could imagine including the herbal pacifier in their assortment. However, the report also shows potential for improvements and objectives for the further development of the herbal pacifier. For instance, most parents think that the pacifier should be efficient and not too expensive. Moreover, they believe it is important that the herbal pacifier does not cause any side effects, and one of the conclusions of the report is that the herbal pacifier should not contain any sugar. Pharmacists were also sceptical about the deposit system, which should be reconsidered especially in COVID-19 times.

Thus, the product idea of a herbal pacifier made of organic materials of the Alpine space seems to have a great potential in the region, but also has space for improvement. The aim of AlpBioEco is to use the outcomes of evaluations like this one to contribute to a more sustainable Alpine space, for instance by transferring the results to other Alpine regions or projects.

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If you would like to know more about the results of the survey, please download the document below.

Picture: Kleinkinderkind in einem blauen Kleid mit einem Pazifik, der eine Blume gießt. Das Konzept des Spiels, das das Kind an die Arbeit gewöhnt. © Evgeniia Ozerkina