Want to help out the ATLAS project?

We are looking for historic buildings (ideally pre-1919) with original log walls.
In order to develop adequate solutions for the preservation of old buildings, researchers try to understand the hygrothermal behaviour of materials. Therefore, we would like to study old buildings that were built with traditional materials.

What will be done?
Water absorption measurements, air tightness measurements and heat conductivity measurements will be carried out.
Unfortunately, in this case we cannot easily install the equipment for on-site measurements. Therefore, it would be very useful to have access to parts of historic log walls that we can transfer to our test laboratories. Under no circumstances should this support the demolition of existing buildings!
However, if a log construction or parts of it are approved for demolition, please contact us before the measure is taken.

Are you interested in helping us?
Contact Daniel Herrera Ph.D. at the Institute for Renewable Energy of EURAC: daniel.herrera@eurac.edu

This activity is part of the ATLAS Work Package T2.