Due to the decreasing number of school leavers and an increased tendency for university studies after school, it is becoming more and more difficult for handicraft enterprises to attract suitable apprentices. Nowadays, more and more apprentices come from marginal groups, such as school drop-outs, refugees or young people with learning difficulties. Dealing with these groups sets new requirements on the in-company tutors.

Within the framework of the Interreg project DuALPlus, a training concept for in-company tutors has now been developed in English, German, French, Slovene and Italian language, which aims to provide trainers with the necessary knowledge, skills and competences to attract trainees with very different backgrounds to an apprenticeship, to motivate them successfully during training and to accompany them successfully until its final accomplishment.

The training concept consists of six different modules giving in-company tutors answers to the following questions:
- How to attract young people to apprenticeships?
- How to use apprenticeships as a means to integrate migrants successfully?
- How to integrate school and university dropouts into apprenticeships?
- How to organise the learning processes holistically?
- How to use digital media to support the training process?
- How to assess and evaluate the learning process successfully?

On the basis of this concept, the DuALPlus project partners will set up and carry out training modules for in-company tutors in their regions. Further information on those modules will be provided on the project website as soon as it is available.

Download the Training concept for in-company tutors here:

FACING THE CHALLENGES OF DUAL EDUCATION IN 2020: Training concept for in-company tutors in dual education (English)

RELEVER LES DEFIS DE L’APPRENTISSAGE EN 2020 : Concept de formation pour les tuteurs de l'apprentissage en entreprise (French)

HERAUSFORDERUNGEN DER DUALEN AUSBILDUNG IN 2020: Ausbildungskonzept für betriebliche Ausbilder in der dualen Ausbildung (German)

AFFRONTARE LE SFIDE DELLA FORMAZIONE DUALE NEL 2020: proposta di formazione per i tutor aziendali (Italian)

SOOČANJE Z IZZIVI DUALNEGA IZOBRAŽEVANJA LETA 2020: Koncept usposablja mentorjev v podjetjih na področju dualnega izobraževanja (Slovenian)


Photo courtesy of: Lustenau, WUF