The aim of ALPGRIDS is to increase the uptake of Renewable Energy Sources in the Alps through Microgrid solutions supporting in particular the development of Local Energy Communities.

ALPGRIDS focuses on creating a transnational enabling environment to foster Microgrid solutions supporting in particular the creation of local Energy Communities.
In particular, ALPGRIDS focuses on:

  • developing a common understanding of Microgrids and their benefits,
  • creating an enabling policy environment for Microgrids,
  • replicating the Microgrid model in the AS and beyond.


To achieve these goals, the project builds on 7 existing pilot sites in 5 countries and take them to the next steps in order to develop 3 key outputs:

  • an alpine Microgrid model for Energy Communities and project developers,
  • a policy package for national, regional and local policy makers, for instance to improve their energy and climate plans,
  • a replication programme involving organizations outside the consortium in relation with EUSALP AG9 on energy.


The ALPGRIDS project can offer vacancies for 12 Promoting Organisations who will participate in bi-lateral exchanges with ALPGRIDS partners. To make sure that the ALPGRIDS approach fits your needs and to find the best match for your organisation, we kindly ask you to answer the questionnaire below. At the end of the document, you will find more information about the bi-lateral exchange process.

Please fill-in the following questionnaire below in English and return latest by May 31th 2021 to:

The list of selected Promoting Organisations will be published on the project website latest by July 31th 2021.

Exchanges will take place between September 2021 and March 2022.

If the health emergency linked to Covid 19 should persist, alternative solutions will be identified for carrying out the planned actions (eg: online meetings, virtual tours, etc)