At a certain level the answer is yes. In all the different contexts, the potentiality of business transfer is still high because of the great number of companies that could be transferred to keep them alive. Nonetheless almost everywhere owners start thinking to transfer their firm very late, generally just before retirement. Entrepreneurs are not familiar with business transfer and they do not perceive it as part of the normal business process.

In some cases anyway, such as for instance in Bavaria and in Styria, companies are supported by incentives and specialised consultants that could orient entrepreneurs in the first stages. In France a BT platform and a network of specialised advisors at the Chambers of Commerce offer as well a good consultant service for both sellers and buyers but still the mission is not simple.

In Italy and Slovenia there are no direct incentives or public services but there available public funds to support innovation and start-ups. The challenge is to make the link between measures and services for business transfer and those to increase entrepreneurs innovation capacity.

C-TEMAlp will a good opportunity to explore different possibilities to improve such framework conditions.

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