Goal for the workshop (18th September 2017 in Bioshpärenpark.haus, Sonntag)

The network of associations in the Großes Walsertal is varied and has a sound basis. A lot of young people are involved in the associations. However, if the young people do not participate in the associative life, they have very few possibilities to meet. There is no public place for them to meet, there are hardly any village parties and there is no bar anymore where the older youngsters could meet. That explains the main question which was discussed in the workshop: »How should our region look like to be attractive for young people and what potentials do we have and want to address? »

Summary of the event

Over 25 persons (politicians and representatives of the state of Vorarlberg, youth worker and youth, GaYa Projekt partner) of the region Großes Walsertal discussed the question mentioned above. After a short introduction the attendees of the kick-off workshop discussed the goal of participation, target groups of participation, methods of participation and impact of participation. A group of young people presented their results of the last youth participation event in July. They presented their ideas how the region can be more attractive for them:

  • Places to meet the young people and organize some parties
  • Associations: what could we do more
  • Leisure time possibilities for young people
  • Ideas to improve their mobility

After dinner with local products from the region all the attendees discussed their ideas to the presented topics mentioned above. “World-Café” was the method to gather more ideas and to bring the different point of views together. In a next step the most important ideas were gathered and set them in an order of priorities. The group decided about the canvas which will be organized first: a project group of young people should be built to organize a youth room where young people from the region can get together.

Workshop Outcome and next phase

A group of young people accompanied by adults will work out a concept how to realize a youth room. The goal is that at the end of 2018 a youth room is opened for young people in the Großes Walsertal.

In a long row Großes Walsertal has the goal that young people are well connected and dispose of an attractive range of services and activities in their living environment. Structures are established and the young people know where to go to talk about their requests at any time.