Business Economic Renewal to Enhance strAtegic Development and Innovation in Alpine Space
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Traditional and mature SMEs represent the economic backbone of the Alps although their structure and mindset dangerously expose them to rapid market changes and financial crises that usually lead to a loss of competitiveness and decreasing growing rates. The Alps are also home of dynamical start-ups with high innovation potentiality but lack of experience and established channels. The AS innovation ecosystem eventually hosts many public and private actors engaged in the business aid with valuable support services that however are often fragmented, redundant, territorial restricted and sealed off to specific fields. BE-READI ALPS aims to impact to this unexploited scenario designing and piloting a living lab for the Alpine ecosystem where mature SMEs might have a “second life”, extending their value chain at AS level by establishing apt partnership with innovation, digital and financial providers. Moreover, the project, that covers 11 Alpine regions, will show that is possible to upscale the AS innovation ecosystem through the work of actors with complementary specialisations, in order to offer a harmonised, innovative and transnational service model (BE-READI Points Toolkit). BE-READI ALPS will work to apply to 500 SMEs a similar approach used to support start-ups: from a comprehensive assessment to the investors pitch preparation, till the matching with partners, like digital start-ups, contributing to the launch of second-life projects (at least 50 projects). The partners will become qualified Points with shared procedures and a sound quality management (Accreditation process for BE-READI points). The 14 Observers representing the Alpine ecosystem will animate Open Tables discussions aiming at launching a shared strategic and operative Roadmap to overcome the current barriers that prevent the AS innovation ecosystem upscale (Strategic Roadmap for AS Competitiveness). Budget: € 1.963.003,75


  • 2014 – 2020
  • Innovative
  • Improve the framework conditions for innovation in the Alpine space
    • Group 1: To develop an effective research and innovation ecosystem
    • Group 2: To increase the economic potential of strategic sectors


Veneto Innovazione (Lead partner)
  • Lead partner
  • Italy
  • Veneto
  • Mestre Venezia
    Association of the Chambers of Commerce of the Veneto Region
    • Italy
    • Veneto
    • Marghera Venezia
        Union of the Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Crafts of Lombardy
        • Italy
        • Lombardia
        • Milano
            • Italy
            • Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano/Bozen
            • Bolzano
                Italyn-German Chamber of Commerce in Munich
                • Germany
                • Oberbayern
                • München
                    Bwcon GmbH
                    • Germany
                    • Stuttgart
                    • Stuttgart
                        RISINGSUD - Regional Development Agency for region Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
                        • France
                        • Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
                        • MARSEILLE
                            French Tech Grande Provence
                            • France
                            • Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
                            • AVIGNON
                                Innovation Region Styria LTD
                                • Austria
                                • Steiermark
                                • Graz
                                    Austria Wirtschaftsservice
                                    • Austria
                                    • Wien
                                    • Wien
                                        Standortagentur Tirol
                                        • Austria
                                        • Tirol
                                        • Innsbruck
                                            Regional Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Maribor
                                            • Slovenia
                                            • Vzhodna Slovenia
                                            • MARIBOR
                                                Università della Svizzera Italyna
                                                • Switzerland
                                                • Ticino
                                                • Lugano
                                                    Match Association
                                                    • Switzerland
                                                    • Ticino
                                                    • Lugano
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                                                        • 48.1299611.5309879
                                                        • 48.77020329.154771960863211
                                                        • 43.29617435.3699525
                                                        • 43.94244174.8025423
                                                        • 47.070867815.4382786
                                                        • 48.208353716.3725042
                                                        • 47.265429611.3927685
                                                        • 46.543081815.6491795
                                                        • 46.00501028.9520281
                                                        • 46.01085498.95564216429154

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                                                          30 Nov 2021
                                                          BE-READI ALPS investors day
                                                          BE-READI ALPS organises on November 30th an event to foster the cooperation among investors for the
                                                          BE-READI investors day – e-pitch

                                                            Project news

                                                            New version of the Programme Manual


                                                            We interviewed two young people engaged for the Alps!