Alpine Research and INnovation Capacity

Aims and activities

The main project goal is to establish the basis for an effective and permanent transnational cooperation among different levels and actors, to develop shared Research and Innovation (R&I) policies for the Alpine Region (AR).
The project aims to:
  • foster a mutual recognition among policy-making, clusters, research and business
  • enhance an active role of R&I bodies in local and regional development and innovation in strategic topics within AR
  • provide the framework conditions to develop joint Alpine Research and Innovation policies
  • promote a coordinated and transnational multilevel governance

The main activities will bring up to a transnational level and strenghten the Alpine Region framework and the implementation of S3/RIS policies by:

  • Capitalising on regional and national current S3/RIS policies mapped& comparatively analysed
  • Capitalising projects, initiatives, and platforms/tools related to R&I policies as well as promoting and disseminating their usage/knowledge across different stakeholders
  • Identifying a list of key transnational topics – subject of current national and regional policies - on which concentrate the promotion of the R&I Agenda
  • Contributing to coordination actions implemented by AG1 EUSALP  and EC-JRC
  • Providing ready-to-use policy recommendations for PAs in creation of Alpine S3/RIS policies for sustainable socio-economic development
  • Providing tool for enhancement of Alpine interdisciplinary approach to ease processing of research results into innovation and alpine policies & strategies