Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space


  • Lecture about walnuts - BUND presented AlpBioEco in Ravensburg, Germany

    BUND presented AlpBioEco in their nature conservation centre in Ravensburg, Germany. The focus of the presentation was on the walnut trees and the BUND-project for the marketing of regionally produced walnuts. Speakers were Ulfried Miller and Brigitte Schaudt.

  • Results of the market potential analaysis were handed over

    On Friday, 2nd of February 2019, we received the results of the market potential analysis of the value chains herbs and walnuts. Thank you to all external partners for your excellent support!

  • Crazy about apples - does Slovenian youth like apples?

    The research project Crazy about apples »Izbrana kakovost« aims to promote the consumption of apples among young people in Slovenia and to prove that everyone can find an apple variety which suits him the most.


  • Workshop "Bioeconomy in Germany - Where is the research and why the results are not received by the users?" in Bonn, Germany

    During the workshop from Bloom in Bonn, Germany, effective public communication activities and campaigns were discussed with the participants. The involved projects will further collaborate throughout the year to implement outreach activities. A second Workshop will follow in May 2019.

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