Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space


  • AlpBioEco Workshops 2019 completed: Co-creation of eco-innovative products and business models for the Alpine region

    From July to November 2019 , a total of 22 AlpBioEco Open Innovation Workshops took place in 5 EU countries. The main goal of these workshops was to develop new business concepts with higher valorization for the apple, herbs / alpine hay and walnut value chain. The workshops were conducted by MCI Innsbruck in cooperation with the AlpBioEco project partner organizations from Austria, Germany, France, Italy and Slovenia at 9 different locations. 

  • AlpBioEco Mid-term Meeting in Avignon, France

    From 2nd to 4rd of December 2019 an AlpBioEco mid-term Meeting, hosted by AlpBioEco project partner “Terralia”, took place in Avignon, France. About 20 representatives of the different project partner organisations from Austria, France, Italy, Germany and Slovenia participated in the three day work meeting. The subject of the meeting was the presentation and final selection process of the developed business models and appertaining products as well as the preparation of the next steps for the pilot testing of these business models and products within the next six months.

  • Learn more about us: Interview with our project partner "Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises“ (CCIS-CAFE)

    The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia & Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises (CCIS-CAFE) is a member of the AlpBioEco project. „CCIS-CAFE is located at Ljubljana and comprises branch interests of around 230 agricultural and food companies registered in Slovenia. As a representative of the national food industry association it is a multiple purpose adviser and develops strategic partnerships for the purpose of innovation. Read our interview with Nina Barbara Križnik, Senior Consultant at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia!“

  • Learn more about us: Interview with our german project partner "Friends of the Earth Association, BUND Lake Constance Region-Upper Swabia"

    The „Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND)“ is a NGO to promote environ­mental und natural protection. It is the german section of „Friends of the Earth International“. The „Regionalverband Bodensee-Oberschwaben (RVBO)“ is a regional subdivision encompassing the administrative districts Ravensburg, Sigmaringen, Bodenseekreis und Konstanz. Main part of the finances of the NGO date from private funds to salaried projects. The BUND-RVBO represents local groups in 32 local communities and about 15.000 members and promoters. The managing board of the BUND-RVBO consists of eight actors from all over the region. Since more then thirty years, Ulfried Miller, secretary of RVBO, serves as head of the „Naturschutzzentrum Ravensburg“.

  • Cooperation between AlpBioEco and Fruit Shop in the City of Sigmaringen, Germany

    AlpBioEco collaborates with "Andy's Früchte", a small fruit shop operated by Andrés Negreros Abril, located in the City of Sigmaringen. Through creative walnut recipes, consumers might become more attentive to the various processing possibilities, the health benefits and the bioeconomical value of regionally grown walnuts! The AlpBioEco Team has tested new walnut recipes with "Andy's Früchte" for you. Read more here.