Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food & botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space


  • AlpBioEco publishes mid-term results and selects the 6+1 business models for its test phase

    At a time when oil prices are falling and highlighting the dependence of our economies on this source of energy, the idea of abandoning fossil fuels in tomorrow's economy in favor of biobased, renewable resources becomes increasingly relevant. AlpBioEco publishes mid-term results and selects the 6+1 business models for its test phase. 

  • Work Package T3: we validate our business models!

    The objective of Work Package T3 is to implement pilot tests of the eco-innovative business models developed under Work Package T2 to validate the developed business model blueprints. Focus Group workshops and business visits have already been launched in February and early March in four Alpine countries. 

  • 2020, the year of the bioeconomy in Germany and the 30th anniversary of the Interreg programme

    The bioeconomy was designated subject for the year of science 2020 in Germany. A lot of events are organised with the support of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. 2020 is also the year that celebrates 30 years of the Interreg – a series of programmes to stimulate cooperation between regions in and out of the EU. 

  • Learn more about us: Interview with AlpBioEco project partner, the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany, ITKAM

    The Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany, ITKAM, is a non-profit bilateral association, founded 1911 that counts over 400 member companies. In the framework of AlpBioEco project, ITKAM is Italian partner for Lombardy Region and is involved especially in the business model validation and in the testing of the new products. 

  • Interview with Vivian Böllersen, Managing Director of "Walnussmeisterei", Herzberg, Germany

    Vivian Böllersen is a walnut pioneer from Germany. With optimism, humour and professional expertise she runs an agricultural business called "Walnussmeisterei" at Herzberg in the north-west of Brandenburg. AlpBioEco has interviewed Vivian Böllersen for you. Lean more about the "Walnussmeisterei" and "IG Nuss" in this interview!