AlpBioEco Newsletter - June 2019
Potentials of bioeconomy along value chains of vegetable extracts and foods
Vol. 3 EN
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Last May, the partners of the AlpBioEco project met in Slovenia

From 6 to 7 May 2019, the AlpBioEco project partners from Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia met at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ljubljana. In addition to an exchange of content on the project status, the partners took part in a joint brewery tour and a field trip to a local apple producer. (Photo: CCIS – CAFE archive © CCIS – CAFE)

Learn more about us: Interview of the AlpBioEco Lead Partner, the City of Sigmaringen

The City of Sigmaringen is located in South-West Germany in Baden-Württemberg, situated on the upper Danube. As "Lead Partner" in the EU project AlpBioEco, the City is in charge of the project management, coordination and supports all work packages. The 12 project partners are actively supported by the Lead Partner in order to ensure the sustainable implementation of AlpBioEco. Read the inverview with Gloria Kraus, the project coordinator of AlpBioEco in Sigmaringen!

(Photo: AlpBioEco in Sigmaringen © AlpBioEco)

Learn more about us: Interview with our French Project Partner, Terralia

Terralia is an agricultural and agri-food competitiveness cluster located in south-eastern France. The division specializes in the fruit and vegetable, vine, wine, cereals, cosmetics and perfumes sectors. Terralia brings together a network of companies and research and training organizations with more than 400 members. Read our interview to learn more about AlpBioEco's Project Partner, Terralia! (Photo: AlpBioEco Project Partner Terralia © Terralia)

Some news about the first work package of the project 

Did you know that AlpBioEco had four work packages (WP)? In the first WP we focused on value chain analysis. For the second WP, we are currently working on the development of business concepts.The third part will be dedicated to the validation of the concept through pilot studies. In a fourth step, AlpBioEco will work on the policy transfer through political guidelines. In the following article, we present you the WP N°1 report being finalized by our German Project Partner, KErn (Competence Center for Nutrition), responsible for its coordination.

(Photo: AlpBioEco WP1 © AlpBioEco) 

AlpBioEco publishes its first report!

AlpBioEco's first report has just been released! It gives an overview over the examined three value chains of apples, walnuts and herbs/hay in the first work package of AlpBioEco and builds up the base for further work packages. Although the investigated value chains have its specific peculiarities, a replicable roadmap for the analysis of bio-based value chains could be developed based on the learnings in the project. (Photo: AlpBioEco 1st report © AlpBioEco)

Launch of a series of AlpBioEco workshops to develop eco-innovative business models 

AlpBioEco has been organizing a series of workshops since last May, which are currently running until mid-July and will continue after the summer. The objective is to develop, refine and evaluate various eco-innovative business models for each value chain in collaboration with an interdisciplinary group of experts. These workshops will focus on creative thinking and the development of potential eco-innovative business models. You are very welcome to share your knowledge with us! (Photo: AlpBioEco Workshops © AlpBioEco)


Click below to see the next workshops: 

Potentials in the Value Chain of Apples, Bozen, Italy

Potentials in the Value Chain of Walnuts, Waldburg, Germany 

Potentials in the Value Chain of Herbs, Bozen, Italy 

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The AlpBioEco Newsletter is published quarterly by AlpBioEco head of project communication (Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences).
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