AlpBioEco-Newsletter– September 2019
Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food and botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space
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New AlpBioEco Image Video on Youtube!

AlpBioEco now has its own Youtube-Channel with a brand new image video! A big thanks to the film team and all involved project partners for the co-creation of the short image video! Watch it and if you like it, please click on the "thumbs up"-button and share it in your social network! :)  (Photo: © AlpBioEco)


Learn more about us: Interview with AlpBioEco-project partner "Envipark", Italy

The Environment Park (Envipark SpA) is a public corporation located in Turin, Italy. It covers 30.000 square meters with 70 companies in the areas of Green Building, Plasma Nano-Tech, Green Chemistry, Advanced Energy and Clean Tech.Read our short interview with Barbara La Licata, specialist in the Green Chemistry sector at Envipark!

Learn more about us: Interview with AlpBioEco-project partner "KErn", Germany

The Competence Center for Nutrition (KErn) is located in Kulmbach and Freising in Bavaria, Germany. KErn belongs to the Department of the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry. It bundles the knowledge about nutrition in Bavaria. KErn supports the bavarian food industry by organizing specialist events, by providing information materials and by developing model projects for various target groups. Here is our Interview with KErn!  (Photo: © KErn)

AlpBioEco Workshops 2nd sequence: Cross-industrial Innovation
The second series of AlpBioEco workshops from september to november 2019 has started! On the basis of eco-innovative product ideas and business models which were developed in the previous workshops, the aim of the new workshop series is to find regional, cross-industrial solutions for the development of walnut, apple and herb products and eco-innovative business models. You find all workshop dates below! (Photo: © Beer5020)
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