AlpBioEco Newsletter - December 2020
Valorisation of innovative bio-economical potentials along bio-based food and botanical extract value chains in the Alpine Space
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The festive season is fast approaching...

... and many of you will have the opportunity to take a winter break to recharge your batteries and spend time with your loved ones but also have some time for yourself. It was also a busy year for AlpBioEco. Our project has successfully overcome challenges and we would like to celebrate this year with you by delivering a very special newsletter.


We have prepared for you a series of interviews with partners that AlpBioEco has worked with in recent years. Our project has gained a lot from their expertise and know-how, and it is our turn to highlight their valuable work in this special newsletter! We would also like to use this particular publication to announce the first news about our final public conference. We are all really excited!


We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Stay in touch with us, enjoy your reading and, most importantly, stay healthy! 


The AlpBioEco team

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Save the date: AlpBioEco final public conference will take place in February 2021!

The AlpBioEco project is already coming towards an end – we are now in our fourth and final work package. In order to conclude all the projects results, but also to gain once more new contacts and inputs, we will have an online final public conference with all AlpBioEco project partners and some other inspiring speakers on February 11th. More information coming soon!

Regional fruit growing in “Oberschwaben”, Germany: Interview with Michael Stiefel.

“Apples” are one of the value chains AlpBioEco deals with – and Michael Stiefel from the fruit juice press house Stiefel in Oberschwaben, Germany, knows the value of the local apple production. That is why he does not only produce apple juice but also participates in the orchard project of AlpBioEco’s project partner BUND to promote the sustainable use of local orchards. Read the interview here! 
Photo: Familie Stiefel @ Fruchtsaftkelterei Stiefel

The study of apple pomace in the laboratory in Austria: Interview with Dr. Bettina Schwarzinger.

As part of the AlpBioEco project, laboratory analyses of the various bioeconomic materials were also relevant for the further development of product ideas. One of the analyses was carried out by Dr. Bettina Schwarzinger from the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Wels. She examined apple pomace samples for their components. Read the interview here! 
Photo: Arbeit Michaela im Labor © Feichtinger & Schwarzinger

Herbs cultivation and hydrolates in Istria, Slovenia: Interview with Jana Bergant.

Jana Bergant lives in Slovenia and knows a lot about local herbs. She also cultivates them herself and uses them in cosmetics of her company "Bonistra". Jana Bergant was therefore an ideal partner for the local cooperation in Slovenia with AlpBioEco for the value chain of “herbs” – we spoke to her about herbs, hydrolates and her cooperation with AlpBioEco. 
Photo: Jana Bergant © DEMO Studio

Hay flowers from local rough meadows are turned into regional care products in Austria: Interview with Alexander Heller.

Alexander Heller heads the family company HELFE, which produces natural body care products. HELFE was created in 1927 with the development of a cream – today, the product portfolio is much more extensive and plant extracts are also produced in-house. This also includes hay flower extracts, which connected Alexander Heller to the AlpBioEco project. 
Photo: Heublumen © HELFE

The “nut village Frümsen”, Switzerland: Interview with Hans Oppliger. 

The “Nussdorf Frümsen” (“nut village Frümsen”) is located in Switzerland and is a specialty because 78 different walnut varieties are currently being preserved there in order to protect biodiversity. We spoke to Hans Oppliger, the president of the “Nussdorf Frümsen” association. In October 2020 he gave a walnut tour for participants in an excursion by AlpBioEco and project partner BUND.

Photo: Hans Oppliger © AlpBioEco

Managing the "Walnussmeisterei" in Herzberg, Germany: interview with Vivian Böllersen.

Vivian Böllersen is a walnut pioneer from Germany. She runs an agricultural business called "Walnussmeisterei" at Herzberg in the north-west of Brandenburg. In February 2020, AlpBioEco has interviewed Vivian Böllersen for you. For this special newsletter, we are republishing our exchanges. Learn more about the "Walnussmeisterei" and "IG Nuss" in this interview!

Photo: © Vivian Böllersen

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